Greer Family History

  • Photo Albums

  • Ab & Melva Marriage License

  • Greer History [PDF File]
          (Written by Mason & Ab Greer)

  • Samuel T. Greer & Jacob W. Greer
    Handwritten Family Register & Death Certificates
    (note: Jacob W. Greer was Ab Greer's Grandfather and Samuel T. Greer was Ab Greer's Great Grandfather)

    Hanks History

  • Manuscripts & Letters
    The Manuscripts and Letters document contains a scanned copy of the book titled "Ebenezer Joseph Hanks Manuscripts & Letters", and at the end of the book are some scanned copies of misc. items such as: hand written letters by Ebenezer Hanks, handwritten letters by Charles & Alice Hanks, newspaper articles, Charles Hanks obituary, etc. (note: the handwritten letters are difficult to read and have been scanned from what appeared to be copies of copies of copies etc.)